June 4, 2012
E3 - Halo 4 

Halo 4

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may not have heard about the Halo franchise…ah, who am I kidding? Even if you have been under a rock, you’ve heard and maybe even played the series. The new entry to the franchise, which is more like a reboot, is being done by 343 Industries instead of the original Bungie, but it looks to be good. The conference started with new footage and on-stage demo of the game’s campaign. It looked promising for 343, with a new HUD (Heads Up Display) and new style of rifle. 

While no multiplayer was showcased for the game, there have been features in magazines like GameInformer so far to clue us in on that. I’m sure we can expect more from 343 in the future. 

March 6, 2012
Halo 4: Can 343 Bring The Franchise Back?

I’ve just gotten a look at the new “making of” trailer for Halo 4, and if it’s one thing I can say as a gamer, 343 is going to bring some flare to a franchise this generation loves. 

The trailer is a behind the scenes look from the developers at 343 that explains what they’ve been tweaking with the game, and what we can expect as consumers. There are lots of changes being made, primarily to the multiplayer and to the way Master Chief ticks in campaign mode.

The multiplayer overhaul is looking for a way to bring the players into it with a “lore” aspect. All of the weapons and characters have been completely remodeled for the benefit of the player, and looks to be moving more towards a group still gameplay rather than lone-wolf. Also, the maps look to be a new type of fun we haven’t seen since Halo 2. 

When coming to the campaign, 343 is finally trying to get into what makes Master Chief “tick”. They’ve remodeled his Spartan armor, and are trying to make sure players feel superhuman when playing as a superhuman soldier. They also promise that on this go around we’ll learn more about the beloved hero and what makes him unique to the Halo story. 

Check out the full video below and let me know of any feedback you have on it. I, for one, am confident in 343’s ability to give us a new lovable franchise. Expect it at the end of 2012.

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