June 4, 2012
E3 - Microsoft reveals apps, apps, and more apps

One of the biggest let downs of Microsoft’s briefing was their lack of games. The live feed of tweets showed people complaining almost constantly, and the feed from Spike TV’s live coverage showed pretty much the same. What was the biggest complaint?


Microsoft is known for trying to monopolize and control everything, and their platform in the Xbox 360 stands true to that testament. Most of the company’s conference time was taken up by the random apps that are soon to be coming to the console. Among the list were: more in-depth Bing search, Nike+ Fitness, another music app (Zune redone), and a long list of sports. 

The only good things about this segment of the conference were Smart Glass and the ESPN news. ESPN is going to be completely integrated into the Xbox system (whether it is paid or free wasn’t mentioned), which will include ESPN 1, 2, 3 and U at all times on the system. Sports nuts and regular fans, rejoice. 

And last but not least, Smart Glass. This new feature from Microsoft is going to work on incorporating smartphones and tablets with the Xbox to be partnered on your television. There are many many features that this covers, but one of the most important is the use of the tablet or smartphone as a remote control for your TV.

No longer will you need that regular remote or that controller that was made for your console, now you can have another reason to never put down your smartphone. 

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