December 31, 2011
Mr. Burns Reflects - New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again folks, the year has less than 24 hours to go. With this much time left you’re going to be hearing a lot about the end of the world next year, who someone’s New Year’s kiss is going to be, and also what is their New Year’s resolution. While the other two may or may not be important, the resolution sparks conversations everywhere all year long. 

I personally have never been one to make a lot of resolutions since I always found the tradition kind of lame. Why did I need one specific point in time to declare I wanted to do something? I could do that at any time! 

However, last year I decided I was tired of saying “I need to get in shape,” and grabbed at the biggest cliche resolution I could find: I was going to get myself in shape. At the beginning of the year I went to the gym a few times, but slowly lost the drive to go. I tried running and just lost that drive as well. So instead of getting in shape, I literally got into a shape (round that is). 

But when Summer rolled around, I finally had had enough of that. I moved into my new apartment, and with the help of my roomates who started working out every morning at the house I got back into the program. Come start of the school year I was going to the gym 2-4 times a week, and I’ve kept up with this until now. I’ve seen huge improvements in my body and only wonder how close I’d be to my resolution if I would’ve done it all year.

So this year, once again I’m going to make the same resolution to get into shape. More specifically, my goal is to be down to between 12-15% body fat by the end of the year, all while increasing my muscle body mass. It’s going to be a rough ride as I’m around 18-20% body fat now (which I know is average, but it’s still not good enough for me), but I believe I can do it! 

So make a resolution and do something you normally wouldn’t have the drive to do. I promise it’s a great feeling to know you can make a difference in yourself, and people will notice. That’s all for me, signing off on the last post of 2011. Hope everyone enjoys it and have a Happy New Year!

December 14, 2011
Mr. Burns Reflects - The Beard

With No Shave November over and Decem-Beard in mid-swing, I feel as if it’s only proper to start a new little series with reflection on the beard itself. But before I get started, take a look at this chart to see where you fall if you’re lucky enough to have facial hair.

beard chart

The beard is something that comes with being a man. When you’re just a boy and you first start getting the peach fuzz on your face it’s something new and cool, but as you get older it becomes almost a right of being grown.

One thing to know however is that there are many different types of beards, and finding out which one you possess is very important. The above chart shows you the many types of facial hair (beards, goatees, and mustaches alike). I currently have the Classic Hipster or the ‘Zach Galifianakis’ as I like to call it.

Along with the different styles you can possess, there are also a few rules that you must acknowledge about the beard:

  1. The Beard is a symbol of pride, respect it.  The beard is a symbol of being a man. It takes time and patience to grow one, and for some it takes much concentration ( could happen). Whether you’re growing one because it’s your first time, you’re a college kid during November, you’re homeless and don’t possess a razor, or you’re Gandalf/Dumbledore just remember that it’s something to be proud of. And it needs to be respected.
  2. SOME women, not ALL appreciate them.  The problem with guys nowadays is that they lack the ability to know when a beard is appropriate. Interviewing for a law firm tomorrow? Shave. About to enter finals week in college? Let it grow! But more importantly, pay attention to the women around you. If you’re interested in a woman, make sure she approves of the beard because some women don’t appreciate them. Nothing is more shameful than losing your chance at a woman because of the fuzz under your chin.
  3. Maintain the beard.  Once again, the beard is a symbol of pride. It’s important to make sure you maintain it correctly. Every morning (or night for you weird people) that you shower, wash your beard. It takes no more than a few seconds longer than when you wash your hair, it keeps it looking nice and oil free. Also trimming the beard is necessary! Don’t wait for the scraggly hairs to start breaking free showing themselves, trim it and keep it neat. Your lady friends will appreciate it.

That my friends is a short reflection and guide on the beard. Enjoy this post? Share it with others please! And as always, look for more reflections in the future. I leave you with on last picture, so get to measuring your beard. 

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